Mother of the Veil

Titles Mother of Graveyards, The Silent Lady
Holy Symbol A Veiled grave-stone
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Death, The Afterlife and Graveyards
Worshippers Grave-diggers, Morticians and those who deal with Dead Bodies. While broadly respected, she has few direct worshippers.
Cleric Alignments LN, CN, NG, NE, N
Domains Community, Darkness, Death, Earth
Favoured Weapon Staff


A Mystery deity, or potentially set of deities, while she features in many Myths, there are few directly about her. The guide for the dead, who walks with them into the after-life, she is a silent watcher who plays no part in the conflicts of Man, God or Demon.

Appearing as a veiled woman in a heavy dark robe, she is sometimes portrayed carrying a bowl of water to cleanse and sanctify the crossing. Seeing a veiled woman, or a hooded woman bearing water is considered an ill omen, especially for those on a dangerous task.

In stories she usually appears like that, an omen of impending death.

Common Religious Practices

Death and Funerary rites are a complex procedure in the faith. Because their is a belief that spirits can return, indeed in many forms, there is alot done to placate such spirits. Directly related to the Mother of the Veil however, is a tradition during the last weeks of the 9th month and earliest week of the 11th. During this time the spirit world is said to be close to that of the living. The Dead, as well as Demons, more easily stalk the world. At the end of this period, on the 10th Day of the 11th month, the head of a household will have a ceremonial gathering. The house will be swept and food prepared and than all the former occupants of the house that the host is aware of will be named and invited to dinner. A meal is had and than the floors swept, the tables washed with water and water and salt splashed across the hearth. The Mother of Veils is invoked and requested to guide the spirits back to the land of the dead.

Mother of the Veil

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