The Old Kingdoms

Predating the invasion of the Great Southern Empire, the area now known mostly as the ‘North’ was occupied by the Old Elven Kingdoms and what are typically called the Old Kingdoms.

Scribes of a Historical Bent and the occasional interested amateur might know the names of a few of these kingdoms. There were many of them, though only a dozen have filtered down through the ages as more than a simple name.

Some, like the Kingdom of KelĨe form the basis for elements of modern mythology or tales. Others are merely place names, things from heritage.

What is generally known is that the Old Kingdoms warred with one another and with the Old Elven Kingdoms. That alliances were born, and collapsed, and that none reached the size or power of the ‘modern’ states.

Very few ruins exist from this time, and accept for the occasional Elven ruin, none from before it. Thus the time before it often serves as a ‘frame’ for myths. “In the Time before the Old Kingdoms rose…” is a typical way to start some stories. Also ‘Myth’ legends, and those related to the gods often occur in the period before the Old Kingdoms.

The Old Kingdoms

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