Telvan Royal House

List of Telvan Monarchs and their reigns;

Dates used correspond to foundation of Great Southern Empire

Peja Dynasty

Vilhelms ‘The Great’-1012 to 1040
Founder of the Telvan Nation, and the greatest Scion of the Royal Family House Kevas. A Brilliant military leader, a efficient, if brutal, political leader, and the model for all kings who followed.

*Vilhelms ‘The Lesser’ II-1040 to *
Living perpetually in the Shadow of his father, the second king of Telva is generally considered to have had his own virtues, but to have continually over-reached. He engaged in countless wars with Jassit and was besset with several tragedies over his life, loosing several sons to War. It has his younger brother who eventually inherited the crown.

Jānis ‘Longtooth’
The Youngest of three Sons of Vilhelms the Great, Jānis took the throne at the ripe age of fourty eight, and went on to have, suprisingly, one of the longest reigns of the Telvan kings. What started as a joke, became a mark of respect, and he is considered to have consolidated many of his Father and Brothers win, as well as staving off several Kef incursions and encouraging the arts and learning within the Realm.

Vilhems III ‘The Black’

Velna ‘The Pure’
Velna is the only ‘Queen’ of Telva, and in truth she styled herself ‘King Velna’ rather than ‘Queen Velna’ to indicate her rulership. After the death of the previous King, the Sejm met to determine a successor but the Kings children were all perished. While debate raged and thre were many contenders, eventually Velna, Vilhems III’s younger sister, was chosen for the Throne.

Voldemārs ‘The Young’

Voldemārs II ‘The Rag King’

Jānis II

Vilhems IV ‘The Fair’

Vilhems V ‘The Fierce’

Voldemārs III ‘The Good’(Reigned for 70 years)

Fricis ‘Elfbane’

Fricis II

Vilhems VI ‘The Bold’-1322? Involved in the War of the Three Rivers in the West.

Vilhems VII

Vilhelms VIII ‘The Spider’
The Last of the Peja kings. Called ‘The Spider’ for his mastery of the nation through bureacrats and spies, having a web which stretched across the entire country. Despite several Queens, and much magic and alchemy, he never managed to father a child, not even a Bastard. His death triggered a crisis, in so far as several kings had no produced elaborate issue, and the question of the succession became a major matter for the Sejm.

Telhe Dynasty


Roberts II ‘The Faithful’

Roberts III ‘The Mad’

Vilhelms IX ‘The Great Wolf’

Voldemārs IV ‘The Wicked’

Jānis III

Voldemārs V – to 1521

Voldemārs VI-1521 to Presnt(1532)

Telvan Royal House

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