The principal religion of the Northern Area’s of Telva, Jassit, Roan, and the Sea-side City-states is The Church of Lenver.

The Church forms the cultural basis for both public and personal events, is the primary source of Divine Magic, and until recently, the only legitimate religious authority within the North since the fall of the Great Southern Empire.

The Church includes the Church Hierarchy proper, several Monastic Orders, as well as many of the realms Chivalric orders. There are also a couple of related Mystery Cults or Heretical Orders.

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There are several Foreign faiths as well. Until recently these were viewed mostly with suspicion or as barbaric superstition. Recent appeals to the king by Native converts to the Church of Zul have merited more ‘official’ religious tolerance.

  • Church of Zul-A proselytizing dualistic faith from the South.
  • The Gavinsin faith-The Tradition religious beliefs of the Kef


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