The Paradus have been a noble family in Telva from the it’s foundation, though it’s power has waxed and waned over the years, and is presently much less than it’s once lofty height. The Family’s heraldry comes from the early years of the conflicts that formed the Telvan nation, and to one of the earliest Baron’s of the families great military victory at dusk near a cross-roads. The lands the family has possessed have varied over time.

At one point the family could be considered among the highest of the Telvan Elite. However, that ended almost two centuries ago. There were a number of factors that led to the families decrease in influence. Several conflicts with other noble houses that went against the family. The loss of some lands in the East during a war with Jassit. One of the Baron’s wracked up massive debts which lost the family more land and prestige. The particulars are generally not discussed, but adventurism, losses to Kef Barbarians, and rumours of a fortune spent on a castle that was never built put this one great family down several notches.

Still, the Paradus are hardly impoverished, and far from the poorest of Telvan nobility. They has numerous lands, several towns and villages under their control. The Present Baron Paradus is an amiable man. A Courtier, he is far from the ambitious warriors of his forebears, though his three sons, each of them ambitious in their own way, each seem to seek to restore the family honour, and there are more than a few cousins with similar designs.


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