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Books, Scrolls and texts and important within the World, and not just for those of an arcane temperament.

‘Mundane’ books serve the use of imparting knowledge, adding to ones store of such knowledge. In game terms, Books can add to specific or general knowledge checks(i.e. A Particular text on Vampires might add +2 to Knowledge(Religion) checks on the subject.) or enable those checks in the first place. An extensive library can allow Knowledge checks, untrained, on various subjects, with various potential bonuses.

Spellbooks and Formulary are similar in that they contain instructions for magical and alchemical effects respectively. The later are far more common, and indeed some basic ones have been produced in relatively large quantities. Spell-books remain relatively rare, consummate to the number of Wizards there have been,though sometimes Witches as well record their workings in spell-books for others to consume.

-Holy Books? What other effects can books and libraries have in game.


Exposure to certain sources can result in a Physical/Spiritual ‘taint’. This taint has the twin effects of granting power, often horrible power, but also debilitating the body and mind over time.

  • People accumulate taint from staying in tainted places.
  • Taint can be acquired by carrying/utilizing Tainted Objects
  • Taint can be gained from long-term demonic possession or the utilization of Demonic powers
  • Taint Erodes abilities, but you can gain power from it, and some can gain enough power to gain ‘control’ of their taint.

The Economy, Prices, Etc.

A place to put things that while built ‘in world’ are also very much about ‘the game’. First up, pages that I didn’t know where else to link to;


New Rules

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