The Moerdan are not the largest ethnic group of the North, but they hold the most prominence next to the Telvan. They are the major ethnic group in Jassit and form considerable minorities throughout the north, though getting less numerous the farther west one goes.

The Moerdan come from the Mountainous regions of the East, and are rumoured to be mingled stock with other peoples from further East. They are stockier than the Telvan, perhaps averaging as much as two inches shorter, with both genders tending towards fuller frames, the men often called ‘barrel-chested’ the women ‘full-bodied’. Their skin tones are nearly identical to the Telvan, being pale, ruddy or tanned. Hair colours tend towards Blondes and Lighter Brown Shades, with Brown eyes by far the most common colour, followed by Hazel and lighter shades of Green, and some rare Blues. Their facial features are considered broad and ‘sturdy’.

The Moerdan are held to be resilient and sturdy, like the mountains from which they hail, and yet they are also thought of as sneaky and cunning. The negative stereotype of the Moerdan is that they are all bandits or descendent from Bandits. “Moerdan Eyes” is an expression use to mean some-one looks crafty and untrustworthy.


  • Born to the Mountains(Gain a +2 bonus to Survival Checks in Mountainous Terrain, and +2 Hit Points)
  • Moerdan Eyes(-2 to Diplomacy Checks involving honesty or trust-worthiness. +1 to Knowledge(Local) checks and Appraise and one of those is always a class skill)
  • Bandit’s Blood(+2 to Stealth Checks in Mountainous Terrain, +2 to Initiative Checks during a planned ’Ambush.)


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