Kingdoms of the Kef

The Various kingdoms of the people known as the Kef are to the West of Telvan and the other ‘civilized’ lands.

Many of these ‘Kingdoms’ are no more than a single village surrounding a Hall or Fort where some war-band leader self-styles as a ‘king’. Others are larger; numerous halls and forts offering vassalage to a greater War-Leader.

Stereotypically however, few of these ‘kingdoms’ last much beyond the death of their War-Leader. The number of actual ‘dynasties’ in the Kef Kingdoms is small, though there are a few, and always a new leader is trying to rest out for himself and his sons a true dynasty.

There is often talk of ‘united the Kef’ as well, though such seems a pipe dream. The Kef kingdoms are truly not even continuous; There are countless lands of Goblins, Bandits or other small peoples and monsters scattered throughout their lands.

Kingdoms of the Kef

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