The Kef are seen as a strange savage people. Their warriors brand themselves, both with heat and with cold, as signs of strength and loyalty. Wielding battleaxe’s and Greatswords they plunge out the forests and mountains and valleys in roving bands. Their men murder children for sport and eat their own dead. Their women give birth on the battlefield and rut with unnatural lusts with man, beast or demon.

Like many things, the truth has small shreds of the legend, but is far more mundane. There are far more farmers, swineherds and such among the kef than their are raiding warriors. They do utilize strange brands as markings, and their savagry in battle is reputable, but their ‘barbarism’ is oft-times more a matter of the barbarism of war than anything innate in the Kef people.

They are large and powerfully build, the men standing on average six feet, the women 5 feet 8 inches. Their skin ranges from pale to dusky, their hair a dark black, and their eyes ranging in colours of Blue, Violet or Red. Red eyes are rare, but considered extremely lucky in a child.


  • Eyes of Blood(+2 to Charisma based checks among the Kef, -1 to Diplomacy Checks among others.)
  • Hulking(+1 to Intimidate Checks, +2 to Strength Checks to Break an Object or Lift Something. Intimidate is always a Class skill)
  • Savage Heart(+2 to save vs. Fear Effects, May operate as if unhurt for 1 round when brought to 0 or fewer hit points.)


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