General Information Jassit

Located to the West and partially to the South of Telva, Jessit is that nation’s traditional enemy. Mountainous, with large jagged hills punctuated by fertile valleys, The Kingdom of Jassit has a reputation for military strength, and for people of sturdy disposition.

Many Mercenaries comes from Jassit, and it’s people are often stereotyped as being prone to banditry and war.

It is ruled by a new king, the young Gotfrits II


Jassit was born in the collapse of the Great Southern Empire and the War of the Dwarven Chalice. The retreating bureaucrats of the Great Southern Empire took with them much in terms of Gold and Military might, and those who remained were soon squabbling amount themselves, local military commanders, or even local bandits, proclaiming themselves rightful rulers over the land.
During this conflict the War of the Dwarven Chalice spilled over into human lands, several of the Dwarven Holds making war on neighbouring humans or hiring human mercenaries to bolster their numbers.

One of the older Noble families managed to hold the allegiance of more troops, and bolstered teir resources by hiring some of these out to the Dwarven lords, before joining on one side in particular. The growing military might of this particular fife-dom led to more of the lesser lordlings declaring their fealty, and soon enough, as the War of the Dwarven Chalice ended, they found themselves with considerable lands, and a Dwarven ally to the South.

The kingdom has expanded and contracted since than. Their Dwarven ally has remained, though at times the relationship is stretched. They have warred may times with Tevra, and lost, regained and than lost again lands to that nation. Peace has reigned for nearly two generations now, the last war some 40 years ago, but some whisper that it is but a matter of time before the new young king seeks to bolster his reign.


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