There are several different ethnicities or ‘races’ of Humans in the World. These include the Telvan, the Moerdan, Southerners, and the Kef.

Humans, or simply ‘Man’ has been the ascendant sapient race on the planet for over a millennium.

The Present Kingdoms, Duchies, City-States, and assorted other realms(A Republic or two perhaps, who knows what else) are descendent through other, older empires, not all of them human.

Game Information

All human regardless of ethnicity may choose among the following Racial traits;

  • Fanatic(+1 to knowledge(Arcana) and knowledge(history) checks, one of these skills is always a class skill for you)
  • Historian(+1 to knowledge(history) check and bardic knowledge checks and knowledge(history) is always a class skill for you)
  • Infernal Influence(Gain Fire Resistance 1 and +1 on Fort. saves vs. poison)
  • Scholar of Ruins(+1 to knowledge(dungeoneering) and knowledge(geography) and one of those is always a class skill for you)


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