Great Southern Empire

The Great Southern Empire is called such by the people of the north because for most of it’s history it was simply ‘The Empire’. Indeed, it is only the most well travelled or those who have studied strange and esoteric histories that know the word ‘Empire’ can be applied as a type, instead of to this single entity.

The History of the Great Southern Empire, as one might expect, starts in the South, with the emergence of the Wizard-Sage Abas, whose philosophy would inspire the early formation of the Empire and it’s early component parts, as well as form the underpinnings of it’s expansion.

The Empire relied on a combination of a highly efficient bureaucracy, managed by scholar-officials who were educated in the Abasian school of philosophy, and beneath them an extensive and diverse Legion. These twin artifices were the centre of early Imperial power.

The Empire grew and with it, the early ideals were soon stretched to the limit. The Military came to overshadow the Bureaucracy, and Emperors enabled personal ambition to cloud judgements and to override long-standing traditions.

All this long before the Imperial Legions marched in to finish off the last of the Old Elven Kingdoms and the Old Kingdoms. The Empire extended itself to the very shores of the Northern Sea, and brought with it trade, southern culture, southern civilization. It’s effect on the north are pronounced; from the ruins it left behind, to the influence on language, architecture, currency, and so forth.

The Old Southern Empires currency was based around the Golden Imperial which was a small gold coin minted at about 72 to a pound of gold. the Silver ovloi was the more common currency, with twenty-four of them to the Imperial, or about 108 to a pound of silver. The Copper Tenai was the lowest denomination, at about ten to a ovloi

Great Southern Empire

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