With the possible exception of the Elves, Gnomes are by far the least populace of the worlds civilized races, and certainly the most mysterious. They have been extant for many centuries, but always in small numbers.

Little can be said for sure of their history. Small bands and villages of them have served as entertainers in old elven courts, as artisans in Dwarven Holds, or as peasants in a human fiefdom.

Their strange, mercurial appearance gives long rumours to their connection with the realms of the Fey or other, darker powers. Indeed there is a history of magic within the Gnomish peoples, and there have been many gnome witches and Alchemists, and several gnomish wizards.

Some more extreme churches view Gnomes as a plague, and discriminate against them. Other places view them as friendly, even welcome neighbours. A few travel the roads with troupers or bands of elves.

Some of the more astute scholars have begun to wonder in depth about the Gnomes. How can a race that seems to rarely congregate in groupings of more than a half-dozen families propogate over so long a period. Gnome populations seem to arise spontaneously. Though there are ‘known’ Gnomish villages, there are also many rumours of secret Gnome towns within deep forests or beneath the earth, though most Dwarves dismiss the later possibility. Some, noticing Gnomish qualities, think Gnomes are related to the Fey in some way, and this explains the mysteries surrounding them.

Game Information

Gnomes can choose the following additional racial traits;

  • Animal Friend(gain +1 on will saves as long as an animal is within 30’, Handle animal is always a class-skill)
  • Rapscallion(+1 to Escape Artist and Initiative Checks)


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