The Dwarves known to the realms of man are from three particular Clans, each originally united beneath the Greatest of their Kings. What tales are told say that the dwarven clans existed beneath the earth, and many still do to this day, delaving and digging, driving for gold, metals and ores, and stranger things besides. Much is told of the powers of Dwarven Magic, and of the way they live in these underground kingdoms.

Ancient tales of Monster slayers and such besides, the Dwarves faced a powerful Enemy and were driven from their ancestral caves. Or, in some tellings, they grew tired of the constant warfare and moved towards their fabled ‘Suvilan’ the ‘Land of the Great Lamp’, what they call the surface world. Since than they have been involved in various ways with the history of man. They have forged their own kingdoms and lost them. Many have integrated with the kingdoms of Man, and there are more than a few places in which a Dwarf might find himself at home. Thus unlike the Elves, Dwarves are often viewed positively and of the realm.

Of course there are only a few true Dwarven Holds left, all belonging to the Small-Hammer Clan. It is the dream of many a dwarf to forge a new kingdom or raise up his own clan.

The Dwarven language is extant throughout much of the North, in Dwarven Holds, in those human cities with large Dwarven Populations, as well as with many within the Universities, among Alchemists, and those who trade with the Dwarves. The Dwarven language has even influenced some of the Northern Tongues and vice-versa. Even in common speech, for example, most Dwarves refer to what humans call ‘Dark-Vision’ as ‘Vision’ and to regular colour-vision as ‘Light-Vision’. This mirrors the linguistic pattern of the Dwarven language.

Dwarves, while not quite as long-lived as elves, do live on average several human life-times. While dwarves physically mature only slightly slower than humans, achieving ‘physical maturity’ around twenty years of age, they are not considered adults until into their forties. The reasons for this seem both biological and cultural, with Dwarven intellect and indeed some of their ‘innate’ abilities taken decades to mature. Dwarves will live more than two and a half centuries, most more than three and a half, and some old dwarfs are indeed over four-hundred years old. An average dwarven ‘Generation’ is considered to be around 80-90 years, more than three times that of a human generation. Dwarven perception of time and history is thus somewhat different. They view the Dwarven exodus to the surface as a great historical event of their ancestors, but might look at, for example, the formation of the Order of the Brown Robes as recent history.

Game Information

Dwarves use the stats from the Pathfinder RPG, save instead of the Hardy Trait, they possess Magic Resistance equal to 5+Character Level. They also suffer a -2 penalty in relation to all concentration checks with regards Arcane Spells.

They also loose the Greedy trait, to be replaced with the Craftsman Trait: They gain a +2 bonus on all Crafts and Professional checks related to creating items out of metal or stone.

Racial traits that may be chosen during Character Creation include;

  • Clearheaded(+1 to Bluff and and Disguise checks and to saves vs. Illusions)
  • Goldsniffer(+2 to perception checks related to metal, jewels and gemstones)
  • Grounded(+2 to Balance related Acrobatics checks, +1 to Reflex saves)
  • Militant Merchant(+1 to Perception for Surprise Checks and Perception is always a class skill)
  • Ruthless(+1 to confirm critical hits)
  • Tunnel Fighter(While underground, +2 to Initiative, and +1 to damage on Critical hits)
  • Warsmith(+1 to damage rolls against creatures and objects made primarily of clay, crystal, earth, metal, or stone. Knowledge (engineering) is a class skill for you)


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