Arturs Birzgalis

The learned Alchemist who owns and advanced the Alchemy shop in Trenči. A noted eccentric, even for an Alchemist.


Male Human Alchemist 7
N Medium Humanoid
Init +0 Senses Perception +1
AC 10
hp 42(7d8+7)
Brb +5 CMB +4 CMD 14
Fort +6 Ref +5 Will +3
Spd 30 ft
Cane +4 Melee(1d6-1 Damage/ x20)
Special Abilities Alchemy, Mutagen, Discoveries:Infusion, Preserve Organ(25% Ignore Critical or Sneak Attack), Extend Potion(Double Duration of potion up to Int Mod/Day), Poison Resistance+4, Poison use, Swift Alchemy, Swift Poisoning, Bomb 4d6(Up to Class Level+Int Mod/Day),
Extracts(4/3/2) 1rst-Anticipate Peril, Comprehend Languages, Crafters Fortune, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Secret Doors, Disguise Self, Endure Elements, Identify, Keen Senses 2nd-Acute Senses, Bears Endurance, Bull’s Strength, Cure Moderate Wounds, Delay Poison, See Invisibility, 3rd-Amplify Elixer, Cure Serious Wounds, Tongues

Str 8 Dex 10 Con 12 *Int*18 Wis 13 Cha 15
Feats Brew Potion, Throw Anything, 4 more, +1 for Human
Skills Appraise+12, Bluff +7, Craft(Alchemy)+20, Craft(Books)+10, Diplomacy +7, Disable Device+8, Heal+9, Knowledge(Arcana)+12, Knowlege(History) +9, Knowledge(Local) +7, Knowledge(Nature)+10, Knowledge(Planes) +9, Linguistics +7, Perception+7, Spell-craft+12, Use Magical Device+8
Languages Telvan, Moerdan, Kef, Southern Trade Tongue, Old Imperial, Old Northern, Draconic, Dwarven


Arturs Birzgalis

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