Through Dim Shadows are Seen the Darkest Designs…

Hey! This is the home-page for my slowly evolving, one-day played, Gothic, Eastern-European themed Fantasy campaign.
At the moment it’s a collection of hodge-podge idea’s that grow as they come to me, some of them long-standing things I’ve wanted to do in a fantasy campaign, some just idea’s that have nested somewhere else for a while, and quite a few that spawned from the particular focus of doing something that had Gothic flavour to it, without having the relentless ‘Horror’ of say Ravenloft.

At the moment it’s being tooled for the Pathfinder System, but that is subject to change pretty much at a whim.

In any case take a look at the wiki, leave me a note or a comment.

Dark Designs

Dark forest3 humble_sparrow GrumblyBear